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The Best Calamay in Bohol

Calamay is a native sweet delicacy that is most popular in Bohol and also in many parts of the Philippines. Camalay is the most popular delicacy when you visit Bohol. Calamay from the island of Bohol can vary from extremely sweet to mildly sweet. It is distinctive for being sold inside halved smooth coconut shells and sealed with band of red tape.

Basically, its composition is made up of well-milled glutinous rice, coconut milk, sugar plus chopped peanuts as optional. The milled rice is then poured into the half-heated coconut milk. Constant stirring is needed until the right consistency of stickiness is achieved. This what makes Calamay famous. Calamay is another food which really most favorite of many young children because of its sweetness and delicious.

calamay delicacy in Bohol

During the feast of Patron Saint Bartholomew, the Calamay Festival is celebrated. It is a celebration wherein the residents of the town made their special calamay in part of the feast. But, it’s not only about the making of calamay. Instead, it is about the different activities that the people engaged too. Buy and taste the special calamay in Bohol island.

best sweet calamay in Bohol